Imbued with Love

The hybrid NFT artwork Imbued with Love, by Swedish artist Malin Bobeck Tadaa was sold on Sunday, Jan 2, for $30,000. Imbued with Love is an optical fiber textile artwork, connected in real-time, via Wi-Fi, to be remote controlled from the blockchain.

Imbued with Love measures 110 x 90 cm and is made from custom woven textile, developed and woven by the artist. The materials are cotton, chenille, shrink yarn, and optical fibres. These fibres are attached to 100 LEDs, using 3D-printed connectors. These LEDs are controlled by an microcontroller, which connects in real-time via Wi-Fi to the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn more at www.imbuedart.com

Can the blockchain be used to store emotions?

Each owner of an Imbued artwork, along with 99 NFT holders, may imbue the art with their own interpretation of love, which will be permanently stored on the blockchain.

From there it will affect the visual appearance of the artwork, not only for the current owner, but for every owner thereafter. Digital and physical threads create timeless tokens of emotion, from the memories of each caretaker.

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