Imbued with Love

Imbued with Love is the first in a series of seven wall hanging artworks by the Swedish artist Malin Bobeck Tadaa. They are made from illuminated custom woven optical fibre textile, using techniques and technology developed by the artist.

The project is happening right now, with ongoing events and auctions, around the world, from December 2021 to May 2022.

Learn more: www.imbuedart.com


Can the blockchain be used to store emotions?

Each owner of an Imbued artwork, along with 99 NFT holders, may imbue the art with their own interpretation of love, which will be permanently stored on the blockchain.

From there it will affect the visual appearance of the artwork, not only for the current owner, but for every owner thereafter. Digital and physical threads create timeless tokens of emotion, from the memories of each caretaker.

The world’s first Hybrid NFT Artwork

Each artwork connects in real time to 100 NFTs, digital tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Imbued is the world’s first true Hybrid NFT Artwork. When you look at an Imbued artwork, you are experiencing the emotional charge or thousands of people, expressed through technology.